What Are General Rosacea Medication Treatment Methods?

The right time to call in for the services of a professional to control the spreading of Rosacea and also to confirm that you are indeed suffering from this disorder is when you find the following symptoms. If you find that you have facial blushing and it is more frequent than usual or/and when you skin has scaly blotches combined with redness and pimples that you cannot get rid of, it is time to get professional help. Sometimes you may even have to consult a doctor if you find that your cheeks are red without sunburn being the cause and persistent acne should also need a second opinion. Most of the time Rosacea can be wrongly diagnosed as acne and the treatment could worsen the skin condition even further, hence it is advised to visit a dermatologist if you have one or more reasons of the above.

Medical Treatment of Rosacea can vary from one individual to another and depending on your condition a dermatologist can prescribe different treatment to control the disorder. Some of the medical treatments that are prescribed are: Antibiotics, Azelaic Acid, Beta-Blockers and Alpha Antagonists, Estrogen and Laser Treatment. Antibiotics can be of two types – oral and topical. These antibiotics can help in controlling inflammation caused by Rosacea and is helpful in treating the disorder in the initial stages. Azelaic Acid has been approved by the FDA for topical use on the skin and can help to control inflammation of pimples in cases of early or moderate Rosacea.

Beta-Blockers and Alpha Antagonists are effective in reducing flushing as they have more effect on the blood vessels; though these Beta-Blockers were primarily used in treating heart disease and blood pressure, they have also been used to reduce hot flashes that occur during menopause. We all know that Estrogen is a female hormone and it is used in the treatment when Rosacea is aggravated by the hot flashes occurred by menopause and this treatment is stopped the moment these hot flashes disappear. Laser Treatment is most effective as they are used to help rid the skin of blood vessels that are dilated. Laser Treatments are also good for removing the excess tissue of the nose in the more advanced stages of Rosacea.

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